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What Color Should I Get?

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Buy and Keep Color Ring (No Return) for $40
This is a discounted price on your color ring. Your color ring is yours to keep and use forever.
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Buy Color Ring With Return Label for $45
Package includes a return label to use within 90 days to get a $30 credit to your payment account.
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Wait, where’s the Shopping Cart?

In the ManeMaxx Store, each item has its own checkout page and special offers attached to it. Items are many times shipped separately or, if items are packed together, shipping is pooled to purchase expedited postage when possible and get your package to you sooner. Many items ship out in 24 business hours with 2-3 day delivery. Plus, you don't have to checkout twice. The system SAVES your information making checkout for each item fast and easy. Or, you can email us and say, "add 14 inch wavy platinum blonde hair to my order," for example, and we can take care of that for you.
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ManeMaxx is the BEST permanent extension hair system EVER! and I know because i have used every type there is out there. I LOVE IT! Thanks Tiffany!!!
Ines, 23
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The ManeMaxx system is fantastic! It is a dream come true, and I am so excited to wear my new extensions over the summer and over Christmas!
Lauren A, 19
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ManeMaxx® is proud to partner with Bohyme® extension hair brand. Bohyme® Gold Collection is our choice for professional and personal, luxury hair extension wear that offers 100% human remi hair without over-use of chemicals for an extension hair experience that is natural, beautiful & long-lasting; for up to a year or longer of re-usable hair extension application and wear. Each package is approximately 110 grams / 4 ounces of hair.
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