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You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Which Should I Choose? Though the Extra Strength still has all the qualities of the original TemBond® (gentle, non-damaging, easy-to-remove) you’ll want to begin with the original TemBond® if you are just starting or, if you know you have a pretty tough scalp and strong hair and root, the ES TemBond® might be for you.

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All I can say is awesome product! I love these extensions. They are so light and gentle and stay put. I have tried every other method and this was my last try.
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This product is GREAT!!! After trying TemBond for the first time I was hooked. I have very fine hair which was easily damaged by other extensions, but not with Tembond.
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Still getting crazy compliments - you are great inventor Tiffany- THIS kind of business is what America is all about! I have told tons of people about your product.
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I love the look, flexibility of the bonds, the fact it doesn't damage my hair. Also I have to say mane maxx has the most incredible customer service. Fast responses, I'm very impressed!
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This stuff is great! The basic starter kit comes with everything one would need! Don't start without it!!
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I am very active and sometimes wash my hair twice a day, and they hold up really well. Ive had them in for almost one month, with no problems. I'm forever hooked on these extensions! Thanks Tiffany.
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