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18” Curly Extension Hair

About mid-to-low back length, this hair has a curly wave that loosens over time. The hair can be styled to be worn straight and then after washing have a nice, curly wave again. Each package is approximately 110 grams / 4 ounces of hair.
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The best hair ive ever purchased. Will continue buying this hair forever! My 9 month old pulls on it and still no tangles or any shedding of the bonds! TERRIFIC
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This hair blended in so brilliantly with my real hair! The texture everything was flawless. This is amazing and I am hooked!
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I love this product - I've been using them for nearly a year now and I am absolutely tickled pink. It's shocking to me how mixing the dirty blonde and medium dark brown actually makes a color close to my natural sandy brown but it does! Thanks for a great product!
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I bought this hair the first time I did the … method and loved it. The next time around I got the hair from a local place and it wore terribly (plus was more expensive!) - it was constantly tangled, frizzy, and dry looking and I hated it, and realized how spoiled I was the first time now I'm back to using these and couldn't be happier.
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I have had many high priced extensions and feel this is less maintenance and better product for the fraction of the price. Manemaxx is the place if you want hair extensions that will last and last. LOVE this!
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I would highly recommend this hair and will keep buying it again and again! Also have to give a big thumbs up … for … fantastic customer support and helping me choose the length. She is super helpful and really cares!
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